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Bulgaria: Women’s liberties at an increased risk

Bulgaria: Women’s liberties at an increased risk

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On March 12th, the European Parliament contacted EU nations, including Bulgaria, to ratify the Istanbul Convention. Only 1 Bulgarian MEP had been current at the debate. And then he had been resistant to the treaty.

Image by Julian Nitzsche

In the eve of Global Women’s Day regarding the March 8th, the Bulgarian government, under some pressure from governmental events, the Holy Synod and Grand Mufti, sa >women and domestic physical violence to parliament for ratification. In Bulgaria, an eu user since 2007, conservative politicians and clergymen continue steadily to influence the governmental agenda.

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Being Single

Being Single

‘Women Tell Me There’s No Chemistry. How Do I Have Some?’

Dear Sara: I’m a 49-year-old man from Germany. I’ve done online dating sites now for around a 12 months. The reason I most often hear from women for cancelling after the first or second date have been the sentences, “Sorry, I don’t feel anything for you” or “There are… in my case

The Present of the individual Who’s Not Right For People

I was hit by the connection unexpectedly. For a current ski journey, we fell difficult for my teacher. Yes, it is known by me’s cliche. But just exactly exactly how can I maybe not create a crush that is crazy the guy whom made me giggle with outlandish tales, assisted me with my skis, brought hot chocolate in his…

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